Podcast alert – High Performance and Addiction

In the latest episode, we dive deep into the topic of high performance and addiction. Dave Middleton is joined by Simon Cusden, a former professional cricketer, who bravely opens up about his personal struggles with addiction.

Simon shares the challenges he faced growing up, which likely contributed to his struggles with addiction. His battle with addiction began while in Australia for 12 years, involving a suicide attempt and alcohol dependency.

After seeking help from the Player Cricketers Association (PCA) Simon is now seven years sober. He has returned to the UK and started freelancing, focusing on assisting high-performing individuals in senior leadership. 

In this podcast, Simon highlights the importance of recognising and nurturing various aspects of our lives that contribute to overall wellbeing, including mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, relational, financial, and environmental dimensions.

Reflecting on his experience, Simon Cusden shares: “I’ve learned that the most important thing is self-reflection and know that addiction isn’t a problem. Instead, it’s only a solution to a problem”

“I have been on an incredible journey of self-discovery and growth, and I have come to realise that effective communication is the cornerstone of overcoming any challenge, which is the fundamental principle I impart to my clients, enabling them to overcome obstacles successfully.”

It has been great to speak to Simon, whose story serves as a powerful reminder that addiction can affect anyone, regardless of their background or achievements.

We invite everyone to listen to Simon’s inspiring journey and our insightful discussion using this link. It is an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and find inspiration for personal and professional growth.

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