New episode of amii podcast reveals that 95% of cancers are diagnosed through symptoms

amii’s Executive Chair, David Middleton is joined in this episode by Belfast-born doctor Professor Willie Hamilton, CBE, MD, FRCP, FRCGP. whose research has had a major impact on improving earlier diagnosis of cancer in the UK, which saves lives. Willie is also Chief Medical Officer at The Exeter and was awarded a CBE in 2019 for his services in improving early cancer diagnosis.

Their engaging discussion covers the current landscape of cancer diagnosis and treatment, exploring the crucial role of prevention.

With an impressive 25-year career dedicated to refining diagnostic methods, Willie discusses the vital importance of early detection. He highlights that an overwhelming 95% of cancers are diagnosed through symptoms, stressing the necessity of regular consultations with a GP. Willie goes on to discuss the various screening types and the role of artificial intelligence in cancer detection while maintaining the irreplaceable value of human involvement.

The episode explores intriguing prospects, such as leveraging pharmacy records to monitor health behaviour. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the imperative to support families affected by cancer through GPs, charities, and clinical specialist nurses.

Willie said: “It has been wonderful to talk with David and share key insights from my years of research and shed light on the significant strides being made in cancer diagnostics. I have the privilege to work among such dedicated individuals, and the opportunity to guide and learn from the upcoming generation of doctors. I look forward to continuing discussions like this with amii and other members from leading health organisations in the future.”

amii’s Executive Chairman David Middleton added: “Having the opportunity to host Willie for this episode and listen to his insights was a great experience”.

“His knowledge on such a vital subject was truly enlightening, and I am delighted to share our discussion with our listeners, providing a deeper appreciation for the efforts of those dedicated to improving patient outcomes.”

A link to this episode and all previous episodes can be found here. We I hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed putting this together to share with you. 

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