amii welcomes new private healthcare booking system

We welcome the news that patients will soon be able to use the NHS app to opt for private hospital treatment.

The push to reduce waiting times relies on more patients opting to use private healthcare, so the move is aimed at making life as easy as possible for those considering a private alternative for their routine treatment.

amii hopes that the news will help private healthcare providers play their part in reducing the NHS waiting list, utilising the capacity in the sector and supporting a healthier population.

Our executive chairman Dave Middleton said: “It is pleasing to see steps being taken to support further collaboration between the NHS and the private sector.

“At a time when the NHS is under unrelenting pressure, the government has recognised that making the process easier for patients who are open to private healthcare is a key factor in reducing waiting times for routine treatment.

“I’m looking forward to seeing further details of how it will work in practice for our members.”

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