Latest podcast now live – Hear from Dr Phil Hopley the Harley Street Psychiatrist about the management of technological overload

In this podcast, Dave Middleton talks with Dr Phil Hopley about the increasing risk to our health of technological overload. They explore the areas of health and mental health, and Phil provides some very simple tools and tips that may help us all keep a level head just when we need it! Dr Phil Hopley is a Medical Doctor and Consultant Psychiatrist. After 19 years working with the NHS, he founded Cognacity and is now Managing Director. Phil’s training in forensic, general and sports psychiatry combined with a career playing Premiership rugby enabled him to develop his passion for mental health in elite performance sport and business. In recent years Phil has worked as the mental health advisor to several blue chip organisations and sports bodies, guiding mental health strategy development and providing coaching/crisis support. Phil is also nationally recognised as an accomplished expert witness in various medico-legal areas, including high-profile sports disciplinary matters. Don’t miss out on this episode and more. Use this link here or you can find us on all the usual podcast platforms. And if you give us a follow, you will hear about future podcast episodes as soon as they drop.

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