The Baton of Hope UK

The Baton of Hope UK is an initiative aimed at raising awareness and providing support to individuals who may be struggling with their mental health and at risk of suicide.

In June 2023, a specially designed Baton of Hope will set off from Glasgow on a journey through towns and cities across the UK, reaching Downing Street two weeks later.

The aim is to impact the lives of thousands across the country with a simple message: Where there is HOPE, there is a real opportunity to save lives.

This is the promise that #BatonOfHopeUK founders, Mike McCarthy and Steve Phillip, made to their lost sons (Ross and Jordan), and to the thousands of sons and daughters who are lost each year. Carried by notable personalities, leaders, and people with their own inspiring stories of hope, the Baton of Hope will be marked by a packed events schedule giving local communities, organisations, and neighbouring towns a chance to get involved.

They hope that the Baton inspires people, they hope that it unites people, they hope to use it to shine a light on other suicide prevention charities. This is not just a symbol for them, they believe this is a symbol for everyone.

Mike McCarthy, Co-founder of Baton of Hope and speaker at our 2022 AGM, says: “I don’t want sympathy, I want change.” Please watch & listen to their story by clicking here and then on the image within the post.

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