Nugent Santé Ltd

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Nugent Santé Ltd



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The Energy Centre, 523 Garstang Road, Broughton, Preston, PR3 5DL

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David Booth



At Nugent Santé, we’re dedicated to ensuring everyone enjoys life in good health. As a Preston-based insurance intermediary, we source top-notch health insurance tailored for companies and individuals nationwide. Our mission is to promote health, implement wellness, engage employees, and provide assurance for a healthier, happier population.

We prioritise quality, emphasising safety, confidentiality, professionalism, integrity, accountability, dependable service, and clear communication. Our independent advice covers health, wellness, and employee engagement solutions. With a ‘happy to help’ attitude, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and transparent, unbiased advice. Our annual benchmarking ensures we keep the highest standards.

Clients receive timely, independent, and tailored advice via Nugent Santé from insurers, facilitating well-informed decisions ahead of renewals. We believe in lasting relationships, keeping clients informed whether they’re considering new policies or renewals.

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