AMII broadly welcomes Competition Commission proposals for PMI market

The Association of Medical Insurers and Intermediaries (AMII) has praised what it described as ‘long overdue’ recommended changes to the private healthcare market.

Earlier this month the Competition Commission, which aims to ensure healthy competition between companies in the UK, published it’s provisional remedies for improving competition in the private healthcare market following an investigation carried out last year.

Wayne Pontin, chairman of AMII said: “The remedies proposed following the Competition Commission’s investigation will vastly improve competitiveness and provide greater transparency within the private healthcare market.”

The provisional decision on remedies proposed a prohibition of or restriction of clinician incentive schemes, the divestiture of nine private hospitals; and collection and publication on the performance of private hospitals and consultant performance and fees.

It also recommended the Competition and Markets Authority will review any proposal by a private operator to enter into an agreement to operate a private patient unit in an NHS hospital in a local area where it faces little competition.

Pontin said: “AMII’s insurer members have publicly welcomed and widely support the provisional remedies announced, in contrast to hospital chains that have stated they will vigorously challenge the remedies in court if necessary.

“Any delay in introducing greater transparency and more competitiveness into the private healthcare market should not be at the expense of the consumer, as we believe the CC’s investigation is already long overdue.”

He continued: “The remedies proposed can only result in better overall service and greater value for money for those people choosing to access private healthcare.”