The Onion Group

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The Onion Group



01753 652074

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Onion House, The Paddocks, Bangors Road South, Iver, SL0 0AA

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Dr Penny O'Nions



​The Onion Group are medical, financial and legal strategists; the founder having assisted the public and media for over 35 years. In addition to providing advice and guidance on health related insurance products, the group also specialise in: 

• Taking valid claims to the Financial Ombudsman Service or the law courts.

 • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) : mediation; arbitration; negotiation etc. 

• Tribunal strategy. 

• Litigation support services 

For any legal or medical matter beyond their in-house ability, they offer a bespoke broker service sourcing and instructing: medical consultants, relevant experts, specialist solicitors or fixed-price barristers.