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Aceso Health & Group Risk


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Mike Picken


At Aceso Health & Group Risk we offer our clients benefits packages that meet varied business requirements, while supporting today’s diverse workforces. Like our namesake, Aceso, from Greek mythology, we’re focused on healing through a rounded approach to employee wellbeing.

We offer a range of services including our five main pillars: Physical health, Mental health, Financial health, Social and community, Occupational health.

The three main Employee Benefit product areas that we advise on are: Healthcare, Group Risk,  Wellbeing 

With employee health and wellbeing at the forefront of many business thoughts, attracting and retaining top talent is important. Rewarding and recognising your staff through tailored employee benefits packages is one way to help your company appeal to the right people, boost productivity, and create a motivated workforce. 

We can help

  • Help you to identify and mitigate your employee business risks.
  • Ensure you are getting unbiased and premium competitive costs.
  • Help you understand your roles, responsibilities, and obligations.
  • Help you promote the value & engagement of employee benefits.
  • Maximise your time by assisting with claims and ongoing scheme administration.

We provide independent, whole of market broking, advice, and support in designing and implementing the right schemes, while keeping explanations simple and jargon-free.