Regulation, Artificial Intelligance, Mental Health and Private Healthcare - AMII Summit 2018

Some of the "most prominent issues in healthcare" and "stories of hope and recovery" were on the agenda at the recent 2018 Health and Wellbeing Summit held by AMII. 

Selected slides and presentations from the conference are available below:

​Putting accessible, affordable healthcare into the hands of everyone on earth - ​Dr Umang Patel, Partnerships & Clinical Director, babylon health.

The YouTube video link below takes you to a 90-minute video from Dr Patel's colleague, Dr Ali Parsa, covering the same topic and demonstrating babylon health's AI system in action.     

YouTube - Babylon AI Event Video

​Regulation & compliance update - ​Branko Bjelobaba, Director, Branko Ltd & AMII Compliance Consultant

Branko Bjelobaba - AMII Summit 22 November 2018.pdf

​Transparency & data in private healthcare - ​Matt James, Chief Executive, Private Health Informational Network (PHIN)

AMII Health Summit Matt James 22 November 2018.pdf

​​​The journey to hope and recovery - ​Neil Laybourn and Jonny Benjamin MBE

YouTube Video

The above short video summarises this inspirational session, where Jonny Benjamin shared his journey through mental illness and his campaign to track down the stranger who talked him down from a suicide attempt, Neil Laybourn, leading to a unique partnership that now goes into schools, colleagues and businesses to raise awareness of mental health.