Monday, 18th July 2016

AMII has developed a new industry-standard authorisation template to promote best practice.

The Customer Authorisation Form, used for customers to inform their health insurance provider about where they would like to obtain advice from, has been revamped by the industry body.

Chairman Stuart Scullion has introduced the new template as the single mechanism for clients to authorise the disclosure of policy information and appointment of advisers in the industry.

Stuart said: “Following discussions with Insurer and Provider partners, I was shocked to hear about cases of sharp practice in the industry. AMII is committed to improving industry standards so this has been something I’ve been determined to stamp out.

“We came to the conclusion the original AMII / Biba Customer Authorisation Form was failing in its objective and we needed to set a new standard to promote good business practice.

“The AMII Provider Focus Group team, which represents the sixteen AMII Corporate Insurers and Providers of health care products and services, has worked across the private medical insurance and cash plan sectors in implementing these changes. We’re delighted to say we’ve received huge industry backing with this.

“Going forward, the new form will be adopted as a mandatory requirement and we’re proud to be taking decisive action to benefit the industry.

“AMII is committed to a code of ethics and raising industry standards, and this is a very real example of what we can achieve.”

Further information and a downloadable PDF of the Customer Authorisation Form can be accessed from this link.